drz 400 kickstart dual sport kit?

happy to be on the forum again! my name is kenny, and i just picked u pmy new shoes - '02 drz 400!

my question is this - what is the easiest way to convert a 2002 drz400 (kickstart) to a dual sport. I'ld like to use the bajadesigns kit, but they insist that it will not work with this bike.


I can not speak specifically about Baja Designs kit, but it is intended to work with a battery. You do not have a battery. You can add a battery in place of the capacitor and you will also have to add an on/off switch.

The Baja Designs kit can de adapted but that is something you will have to do yourself.

It is also possible to dual sport your motorcycle without adding a battery if your state does not require lights on with a dead motor.

So first thing is to research AZ motorcycle equipment laws, then design a kit that conforms. At that point you can decide if you want to buy and adapt a kit or build your own. Either way it is not that hard.

I put a Baja Designs kit on an XR400... a small battery was part of the kit....why wouldn't they make a kit for a Z kickstart???

There were a lot of XR400's. There are not that many DR-Z400 (kick start)

Thanks for the replies!

i will likely try to adapt the baja designs kit. can someone explain in detail what is involved if i were to add a battery vs leaving the battery off?

the bike is currently street legal (mostly) and as this is az, the laws are pretty lax about it. i would like to have hi beams, turn signals, and a (working) horn...


can anyone help me out.

i have a 03 drz400 and im making it street legal, im also using i believe its called drc wiring kit. so i connected my back taillight and turn signals, and when i connected the front turn signals none of the turn signals work (not even the back ones anymore). when i disconnect the front ones, then the back ones work again.. does anyone know what i did wrong? the front signals have two cables, black and yellow color. does the black go to ground? if someone can help out


Almedin13-You should make your own post so answers don't conflict in a thread.

What model DRZ400? E or kick start?

Does the motorcycle have a battery? Is the battery original for the motorcycle or added with the kit?

When you say the signals don't work - do you mean don't light at all or light but don't flash?

Are any or all of the signal lights LED?

What are you using for a flasher?

I have a 2001 kicker that i have tagged and leagal in Oklahamha. If your still going to do trails you can buy a good kit you have to make one.

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