history of rm 125 frames

i was thinking about buying a suzuki 125 but i dont know what year to get because i dont want a heavy bike so i was just wondering what the differances r between a steel frame, a steel alloy frame, and a aluminum frame and which one is better and what years they were used

You have an easy decision. The RM125s have steel frames for all years.

ok i was told some have steel alloy which i was told that was one of the lightest frames they ever made but since they all have steel frames ill jus stick to mine.

alloy steel?

here it's called molybdeen steel

just steel with some molybdeen

is stronger than normal steel and better against rust

only ktm has that suuuperlight steel frame, lighter than alloy

don't know what sort of steel that is

any who

you really wouldnt want an aluminium 125

would steer like crap imo

and i think only yamaha has an alu 125, all the rest are steelie's

and you wont notice a difference in weight dude

steering and power is much more important than weight:thumbsup:

any 125 2-stroke is going to be "light" relative to most other dirt bikes

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