body armour

im looking for body armour... i had Alpinestars bionic2 and it ripped the first time i used it... im 6 foot 2 and have a 48 inch chest (weight lifting can make you look good but try buying cloths)

i have found the evs ballistic armour seems the only one i can get in my size, are they any good? or is there a better one....


I use the Thor Impact Rig SE , it should come in a size to fit you and the SE has the kidney belt , Spine Armor , Chest Protector , Shoulder pads , elbow pads , forearm pads

, its saved my back and shoulders several times , its fairly vented (its like a mesh material) so you stay fairly cool with it , the only thing i did with mine was cut the cuffs (slice thru the folded part right up to the mesh) because it was a little too tight and contributed to arm pump , once i cut it , cured the issue,3230,3251,11433

I highly recommend the High Velocity Gear Juggernaut. It can take some time to get it but it's the only armor that I know of that has a CE2 level certified back board and it has a 50% replacement cost lifetime warranty. Tough to beat that.

Works great with an Omega brace and they say it works with other styles as well.

You can also zip out the back board/kidney belt and wear that piece alone if you want....

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