All Balls fork seals problems?

Anyone else had a problem with these? Mine didn't even make it through a 50 mile Harescramble. I have ordered OEM now. They looked good, had a spring on both sides of the seal and I was carefull putting them on.

Usually when the All Balls oil seals leak on the first go around it's because they were put in upside down. They can go in either way unfortunately and the end with the double lip seal has to go towards the oil.

That's interesting, I put them in with the writing toward the dust seal like the originals. So I didn't even think about the possibility of them being backwards. I don't remember seeing any instructions with them either.

I will not use All Balls/ MSR/ Moose fork seals. The red Clark ones. I've had nothing but problems with them, alwys leak within a few hours. I've seen them leak immediatly after install and they were NOT installed upside down.

OEM, Athena and SKF are the only seals I'll use.

Thanks for the info, I make a better choice from now on. Too much work to have to do over right away.

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