90/10 street/dirt tires

What is the best tire, without going to super motard wheels, that you can fit to a DR650? I currently use Shinko 244s, which are certainly more street than dirt, but I feel like there is a tire even more suited to pavement grip and less to dirt traction. Maybe the trailwings?

metzeler tourance, hands down the best onroad tyre i've had. Ironically quite good offroad as well though their only fault is they wear quickly offroad

Onroad, super silky smooth at 160kph with no road noise. Very good wear rate, 10,000km from the rear, 20,000km from the front (significantly goes down with offroad use). Corners very well. A little more pricey but the extra life makes them better value

Shinko 705, 140/80/17 rear, stock front size, about $110 for both iirc, great bang for the buck.

Shinko 705, 140/80/17 rear, stock front size, about $110 for both iirc, great bang for the buck.

+1 I've now had three of these on the rear. I get about 5-6K out of the rear and I ride pretty hard on the pavement with them. I still have the same front so figure one front for three rears.

Its great on pavement and very decent off road for a non-knobby. It has a stiff side wall. I road a flat a mile or so once with no issues. Easy to spoon on also.

Duro Medians and Kenda 761's. Both are fairly cheap, grip well in the wet and dry on the road. I've not had the Duro rear off road much, but I think if it's wet out you can forget about it. Also the Kenda wears better.

I was shocked at how well the DR650 can handle with street biased tires.

Still, the next set going on will be knobbies, I can't even ride through the yard without getting sideways... (not that it ain't fun... it just makes my yard look bad!)

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