KTM oil....

Where can I order 10w50 full synthetic on line that has a reasonable price? I would say "cheap price"....but that's not realistic now is it?


why wouldnt you just run rotella?

Had to look that one up...wow...really? Think I will stick to motorcycle oil at least...

nah use rotella..

my shifting was really notchy with rotella. 350sxf

ive used both rotella T and synthetic in my 350 with no problems. it does feel like i need to warm the bike up a little longer for it to shift properly using the rotella T though.

why wouldnt you just run rotella?


why wouldnt you just run rotella?

:busted: x2


I've been off dirt bikes for 16 years...just got back into the sport a few months ago...everyone must run Maxis tires and rotella oil now....

Iam new to KTM....never had one before. I really like my 450sxf....but Iam learning my new bike...reading the owners manual and talking with my dealer and other dealers as well as reading all I can on the Internet and Thunpertalk....

Sometimes I get conflicting information...but if 80 percent say one thing and 20 percent say several different things...guess I'll go with the 80percent....until I find out for myself what works best...or best for me. It's not as bad as going to the Doctor...or ten doctors and getting 10 different opinions....been there...

I seem to get more support on Thumpertalk though than actually going into a shop...why is it so hard to get great customer service?

So I appreciate all riders who take the time to post...thank you!

Had to look that one up...wow...really? Think I will stick to motorcycle oil at least...

Well, now that Rotella is JASO motorcycle approved, you can rest easy.

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Kilo, it used to be that Motorex was the only company that made a 10W-50 full synthetic. Care to guess why KTM specified that oil? (They have a marketing agreement with Motorex.)

I know Bel-Ray now makes a full-synthetic 10W-50, and more importantly you probably do no need a "10w" anything, unless you ride in pretty cold weather (below freezing, at least.) The "50" is the important viscosity rating, as it describes the oil's viscosity at operating temperature. The 10W part refers to the cold viscosity (start-up.)

If I were you I'd look for a good semi-synthetic 10W-50 or 15W-50 and change it often, or do like the masses say and go Rotella. (I wasn't aware that they got it JASO certified. Is that true???)

Look on any recent bottle of Rotella T (15W/40) or T6 (5W/40) for the certification stamps and check for yourself.

I've used Rotella 15W40 for years, on several bikes. On the last 3 bikes I've owned I've had Rekluse auto clutches, and Rekluse recommends Rotella, so that says something about the oil if a company trusts it enough to suggest that it be used with their product.

Rotella! It's so awesome, I even use it for chap stic! I don't recommend that though.

Another +1 for Rotella T6.

About $25/gallon at walmart.

should i run synthetic? i change oil ever 10-12 hours

Does Rotella make 10w50? Or should I use a different viscosity? Living in Sandiego county....thanks to all:ride:

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