HELP Please Engine rattling/clicking noise!

Hey guys im new to here,

and i just want to know how to fix my bike.

When i started the bike up it worked fine like a beauty and then i revved it abit

and then i was stupid and revved it really quick as in i twitched my hand real quick back for a sec and i hear a little click as in where you cut a wire with a bolt cutter.

Then i start to hear a small rattling noise from the engine sounds almost normal but i didnt hear it before.

Please help me on any ideas as what it could be as i want to go riding,


P.S It is a thumpster 110cc

(can't expect much from a chinese bike but i would just like to fix it.):busted:

First step is to drain the oil and check for "Goodies" that may have been deposited there.

next step would involve gaskets so try just draining the oil first.

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