650R fully loaded weight?

Got in an argument with my buddy yesterday... He seems to believe one of the old baja 650 race bikes weighs close to 350 pounds with all fluids and aftermarket parts. The dry weight on an 03 is 277 pounds. Have any of you guys weighed your pigs filled to the top?

Also, I know that a 7 gallon tank was produced, but what did most race teams use?

The actuall (fluids/no fuel)weight of the XR650R is 289lbs for the Noth American model.

A 10 litre(2.6 USG) tank with fuel being about 7kg(15.4 lbs) for ten litres of fuel.

So all fluids and fuel she's at 304.4 lbs ready to ride stock straight out of the Honda shop.But with the 3.2 gallon IMS tank that the race team used she'd be at about 308 bs.

But the race bike lost weight in some places(exhaust,triple trees,shock spring,forks etc) but gained weight with tyres,headlights and other things so i dunno what it would weigh exactly ...

Honda lied to us about the weight matey.

Cheers HTH

I'm at 303 empty, 330 with a full tank of gas (4.3 Clarke). That is with dual sport kit inc battery, PC 496 exhaust. I did save about 2 oz on my air box cover :busted:

Mine came in at 309. not really stock..

Dirt Bike weighed the first XR650R with fluids no fuel and came up with 288.8 and that's what they weigh bone stock from the Honda shop.

From there on it's up to you.

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