2005 cr250

There is a CR250 down at my local honda powerhouse for about 4100 plus taxes, and I would like to know if I should look into buying it.

I was just down there going over it with a sales rep and it only needs a new sprocket sometime, the subframe is a little tweaked, but it might just be the plastics being bent, and the chain might need to be replaced sometime.

for an 05 is sounds reletively reasonable, but the only problem is that the engine hours are unknown.

should I look into buying this, or should i go elsewhere?


that is a complete rip off!!! dont buy it, 4100 for a brand new 05 is still too much.. i wouldnt pay more then 3000 for that bike.. esepcially when the hours on the engine are unknow, bent subframe, and needs a new sproket...my 03 cr250 has about 75 hours on it and still has the original sproket...looks like new still not even worn.. dont buy that 05

+1 too much

wow your internal clock must really be jacked. 75hrs and your sprocket still looks new :busted:

I got my 05 for $2300 last December, In very good to excellent condition.

but that's here in the states, I know it would be more in Canada but I would't think that much more

well the previous owner told me about 45 hours when i bought it... and i figured it has around 75 now.. but it still has the original sproket and the teeth are even pointed yet..

I paid $1,400 for my 2005 CR250R.

It needed a little work, so I put about $800 in it.

New top end, new fork seals, new chain and sprockets, some new plastic, new tire, new grips and bar pad, etc.

She looks and runs good as new now! $2,200 total invested.


good call guys, thanks for the heads up

my 03 in March of this year... maybe 10 hours on it (I rubbed more paint off the clutch cover my first 2 hours of riding it)....went to look at a crappy condition 01 YZ125 for my kid...bought both for $1600...so I feel I did good.

I didnt even try and beat the seller down when he told me what he would take....thats a first for me : )


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