1985 CR125 dry rotted reed boot

I just recently bought a 1985 cr125 that is in great condition, except for one part.

The rubber boot that goes from the carb to the reed cage has dry rotted and began to crack. For a temporary fit I've smeared Hi-Temp silicone over all the cracks.

Does anyone think this will do the trick to seal it up?

That could work,I've never tried it.Obviously,if it doesn't hold up just order a new boot.

Get a new one. If it fails you will suck air and possibly dirt ruining your motor. I think Hotfoot moto makes new ones, or look for a used Boyesen Rad valve. It eliminates the rubber boot, I found one for my 85 250 for 35 bucks on epay.

naa. it wont do anything bad at all. be SURE to check, with spot light, that the crack didnt went through the inside surface of the boot.

if it aint havin problems even with this crack then it wount do anything later. unless the boot will subject to stress from mounting/dismounting the carb over and over.

^ thank you!

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