Possibly a bent frame? What do you say??

Olright guys, my kids 93 cr125, we gotten all the lil kinks worked out and have redone/rebuilt/replaced all that has been needed.

However, when im folowing him thru the woods or whenever i can see that the front wheel is NOT in line with rear, it is off to the left.

Is this a bent frame? We have had this thing torn down and have inspected the frame pretty darn thoughly. Didnt see any evidence of stressing/bending of any sort.

If it is bent, we do have a frame 92 cr125.

How was the 92 in comparision?

Will the 93's swing arm work?

thanks, tony

Forks probably aren't lined up. Loosen the pinch bolts on the clamps and you should be able to get it sorted.

93s are known to have soft frames. 93-97 will fit on the 125s for sure. dont know about the 90-92 years.

How can you tell if the frame is bent? I mean other than seeing a definite bend or reweld? :busted::banghead::busted:

Is the rear wheel aligned properly? If it's sitting crooked in the swingarm it will make the bike ride crooked and also wear out the chain and sprockets really fast.

yeah, the rear wheel is lined up correctly. im not sure i know what ur talking about Kc, about the forks not being aligned.

In heigth? Twisted?

how to you tell if a frame is bent? just like a car. you measure from point to point make sure it is equal on both sides.

basically pick a point like the head tube to the swingarm pivot. measure straight up the side, then cross from the back right to front left, and vise a versa.

if your measurements are equal, it is straight. may not be the original rake or trail, but not crooked either. like said the 93 frames are known to be soft and stretch.

No. The 92 frames and all the associated linkage and swingarm stuff will NOT work on the 93. I have both in my garage right now and have compared the parts- bike to bike. Way different. KZ3 vs. KZ4. That(WILL NOT) goes for fuel tanks and shrouds also. Radiators will interchange.

i have a 94 cr125 frame

if it will work pm me if your interested

First off, check to make sure the rear wheel and chain is adjusted properly. I can't tell you how many times I have seen rear wheels offset to the right or left while riding, plenty.

The problem, many times turns out to be that the chain adjusters are not adjusted properly which pitches the rear wheel. Swingarm marks are notorious for being inaccurate.

Measure your rear axle on each side from the swingarm pivot point to the rear axle. It should be equal.

Other issue, front end is twisted in the triple clamps. Loosen the front end triple clamps enough so the forks still stay in the clamps but enough so they can be rotated in the triple clamps. Hold the front brake, push the front forks up and down several times. This will reset the forks in the triple clamps.

Retighten the triple clamps pinch bolts.

If all your plastic and subframe fits and you measure the frame side to side and the measurements are equal, I doubt the frame is bent.

thanks Bpaul, im going out to check it know!

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      Twenty Minutes later Mark pushed his little brothers bike back to the pits. Carson had finished third. Marks mom was hugging carson since it was the best finish he had ever had. The kids loaded thir bikes into the trailer and then got in the backseat of the truck.
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