Arm pump :(

I'm 16 and i dont know what has caused this, but ive noticed for the last 4 months that whenever i ride, when i first get out on the track my arms get arm pump. I do warm ups and i roll everything on the first few laps, but i keep getting arm pump and fatigue. I drink alot of water, eat bananas, warm ups, but nothing seems to be working. The arm pump seems to go away after the first 10-15 laps but i cant figure out how to get rid off it. Was thinking that i might be holding on to tight or my gloves are to tight, but i got looser gloves and ive made sure my grip isnt to tight and have been using soft grips.



learn to grip with your legs/knees and loosen up your grip on the bars

There are 1001 "cures" for arm pump. It seems like everyone has their own cure to help get rid of their arm pump issues.

I have some problems from time to time with arm pump, and it is weird because it just depends on the day most of the time.

Here are some things to try to help:

Grip more with knees

Remember to breathe

Take 2-3 tylenol an hour before you ride

Take 3-4 tums 30 minutes before you ride

Warm up (jogging, bicycling) before you go on the track

20-30 push-ups before you go on track

And the last thing, which has been the most successfull to the masses is this:

Take a hand squeeze tool (or tennis ball) and squeeze it with say your left hand until your arms are pumped up so bad you cannot squeeze anymore.

Then take ace bandage and wrap it as TIGHT as possible from your wrist to your elbow. Then hold your arm above your head and hold for 1-3 miuntes (if it hurts really bad you have done everything right). Hold your arm above your head as long as you can stand it (if you can hold it for 3 minutes you are an ironman).

After your 1-3 minute hold, take the ace bandage off and repeat the procedure with the other arm.

You should do this right before you go on the track.

Hope this helps, let me know!


Thanks. Ill have to try these next time i ride

No problem buddy! Arm pump is a horrible feeling and you are the most dangerous when you are "pumped up".

Hopefully some of the things I suggested can help!

Have a great rest of the weekend!


The problem is not your arms, its your grips. They need to be larger. Get the large pillow top grips, AND get padded framers gloves from a hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot that have pads in the palms. You will notice improvement immediately...... your welcome.

not sure if this works for anyone else, but if I get arm pump, I concentrate on breathing, big deep breaths

I'm not sure if the increase in o2 or my mind concentrating on taking big deep breaths (relaxing my grip) fixes it, but it almost always works

try it next time

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