05 yz250, 03 cr250, 06 crf250r, or 06 crf450r?

alright well i was talking a little about this in a differnt fourm but figured it was time to make a new fourm... so my question is that i have an offer to trade my 06 crf250r for 06 crf450r or a 05 yz250 set up for trails... or should i keep my crf250r and use it for trails or use my cr250 for trails... thanks in advance..

the 05 yz250 would make the best trail bike out of them, good suspension, great handling and many aftermarket parts avalible.

Dude, why are you starting new thread? You have already got a thread about this same question.

well i was thinking of a 450. but decided they would stall and overheat on the trails... im just starting a new thread cause i have really narrowed down my choices.. so this thread is just about these bikes... so my main question i am asking at this point is should i trade my crf250r for the yz.. and i think i may but not 100% sure yet.. and thats for all your help guys... and thanks Pumpkin450sxf, you have given me a lot of info to consider...

Here is your whole other thread. The 450 would be a bad idea. Unless you plan on riding 5 days a week and racing the other 2, they are just to powerful.

Here is you whole other thread...http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1024504

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