What are some good tires

Hey guys, I am new to this forum, and new to dirt biking. Im thinking of picking up my friends 2003 CR85R. So I just wanted to get the opinion of some more experienced riders on what tires are good for riding in my backyard, and at the mx track.

Thanks for any help provided,


A lot of people will have different opinions. It really depends on the terrain you ride on. I live in SE Arizona, lots of hard pack with loose stuff on top of it, not really "dirt". I have had good luck with Maxxis ITs and also Dunlops (canremember exactly which ones) on my son's CR85s. I say try a decent priced tire and then when it wears out, if you think you could do better, try something else. If you like it, get another one. There are a lot of choices and for me price is a prime factor when choosing tires.


Ok. Thanks.

Dunlop MX51 rear tire lasted a long time (MX/Woods/Sand) and hooked up great, but the MX51 fronts were horrible for sloppy and hard conditions. In sand it wasn't too bad, but the rear was fantastic.

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