2007 Honda CRF450R suspension settings

Im sure this has been discussed and i could search but everyone is different so im asking for myself. Coming from quad racing, settin up a bike is a little new to me. Im 230lbs and ride my bike at about a C/B level of MX. What kind of suspension settings would you guys recommend starting at. The rear shock has never been touched and the front forks were rebuilt 2 months ago and refilled with 370ML of fork fluid.

First thing you need to do is put the correct springs on your bike (front and rear) for your weight. I would suggest .52 kg fork spring and a 6.0 kg shock spring.

Once you get your bike sprung for your weight, ride it and see what you dislike in terms of the suspension performance and we can help you.

respring your bike with 5.1 - 5.2 on front and 5.8 -5.9 rear

and you must revalve the rebound of bike

after ride the bike and mod. the compression

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