CRF front fork on Z50

Hi, Im new here. I have a Z50r 86 and I would like to know if I can use a crf 70 front fork(triple tree) on Z50 or should I use XR80?



A quick measure with just a tape measure (for whatever that's worth) shows that my '97 Z50 and '01 XR70 have about the same size steering head tube.

The steering head tube on my '02 XR80 is about 1 inch longer. It wouldn't appear to be a direct swap without some kind of spacer or other modification to make up the extra inch in the XR80's steering stem bolt.

As Punkinhead said, the XR/CRF70 front forks are a direct bolt-on onto the Z50R frame, but...

The Z50R front wheel will not fit in between the forks without major machine work to the brake panel and the hub itself to get it to fit.

The forks are not adjustable in the stock triple clamps, they might raise the front end up too high, giving the bike a choppered look.

Thanks guys! Yes I saw a guy on youtube with crf70 front fork and xr80 swingarm, looks choppered but its fine! Thanks for your help!

Here its the video, take a look if you want!

If you use an XR80 swingarm, you can use 330mm long rear shocks instead of moving the shock mounting point up, like this one.


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