New member with a te510

Hello thumpers. Just purchased I think the last year of the old engine 510 te 09? Only 1500 KM, and many cool mods done like bark busters, very cool skid plate, tiny signals, bigger tank. Countershaft is a 13, but the bike seems topped out at 80 k. I am thinking a 15 tooth counter as it will work with the stock chain. Sound right? He has been running amsoil synthetic and changing it every 10 hours. The bike is unbeleavablt clean so I appreciate his care in general,..... but is this really required? Every 10 hours? My big concern is the clutch washer failure in the 610 model. Is this a concern on the 510? Lastly anything about this bike that I need to know now before I screw anything up? I am 200 lbs, old-timer at 52, raced in enduros and road raced back in the day. Could have gone for a dr400 but just couldt do it. P.S. Power up and remapping is done too. Using the bike for blasting around town and fireroading up at our cabin where we need the bike to get us first on and first off the ferry. Oh yes mamma is going to be on the back for about 15 minutes on the way to the ferry, so I need to put pegs on for her. Seems there is a setup that will work for this bike using husky parts yes? I know you guys will probably bitch about a passenger on a 510. Trust me you won't hold a candle to the abuse I am already getting for selling the K750 for this bike.

Cheers steve

Cheers steve

Hi Steve, welcome to TT husky. I like getting first on and off the ferrys. It saves so much time. I go to Gabriola once and a while. Got my 07 te510 new and it came with a box of stuff including a passenger footpeg kit. I never thought of installing them on my bike but my brother snached them up for his xr650r. A few cuts and welds and it worked out good. Maybe 5th gear has some.


Thanks b&h good idea. I bet the number of people that use the pegs are 1 in 40


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