Changing the coolant!

Hello all,

I am thinking my Thumper is in need of a coolant change (I got the bike on Nov. 15 00')! I know how to change the coolant but what I am wondering the 4 strokes need to be changed more often than 2 strokes? or are they they same?

Normally you would change the coolant once a year or season. And I just bought a big jug of coolanol in case. Am I correct to say you cant mix the orange with the green...right? I would appreciate any replies you guys have!Thanks,



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You're right don't mix the orange with the green, and only use the green in the bike.

The change intervals should be the same. Once a year should suffice. I've had my bike for over a year and a half now and have changed the coolant once. I also used Coolanol.

I had a crack in the "cap" side radiator. Took it off to have it temporarily fixed. Worked for a few races but finally had to break down and buy a new one. It's a pretty simple process to take off.

Take the cap of then disconnect the hose at the bottom of the right side radiator, cap side, and let it run out. Refill with 50/50, radiator fluid and water. There's probably another way that would take our MORE fluid but this is a pretty easy way to do most of it. Have a wide container under the bike 'cause it'll come gushing out. Don't let the fluid get on your brakes, I can't say why, I've just read that somewhere.

Have fun

I've had good luck using a mixture of something like 90% distilled water, and 10% coolant (through the summer only of course) I understand that straight water cools better than a water/ coolant mix. I also hear that Water Wetter works well also. Just don't forget to add more coolant before the first frost...


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