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2012 CRF450R trail friendly mod ideas????

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I just recently started riding trails after riding strictly mx for the last twenty years and I happen to have some thoughts on the matter!

1. You need a skid plate.

2. You need proper bark busters with the wrap around aluminum piece.

3. I bought a 3.1 gallon fuel tank, but it seems overkill for most of the loops around here (10-30 miles). I think the stock tank is just fine for most.

4. A kickstand is super nice.

5. First gear is way too tall, buy a big rear sprocket.

6. Softer suspension would be nice, but I'd much rather ride mx suspension on trails than trail suspension on a track.

7. Damn I wish I had that magic button!

8. If you mount a GoPro on the top of your helmet, move it to the side before you lose it!

9. Buy a hydration pack, they're so freaking nice. A backpack will certainly do, but these things are really nice, hydrate while you ride.

10. I wish I had an 18" rear wheel, it's on the wish list. Last thing you need is a flat from hitting a rock with your skinny 19" when you're twenty miles out.

11. Think about putting a little tool kit together that will fit in your backpack/hydration pack.

12. Make sure you carry a map of wherever you ride.

13. You can get away with rolling to the track solo, but I wouldn't do it out on the trail.

14. Be prepared to be ten times harder on the bike when you ride trails. This means more oil changes per ride, more air filter cleanings per ride, etc.

I hope this wasn't actually a deterrent, because riding good trail is a crapload of fun.

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Remap the fuel injection

G2 throttle system

Trailtech 17 oz fww

13/52 sprockets

Rekluse clutch

My 2009 LOVED the jardine 94dBa exhaust system, very quiet and smooth power

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what programmer do i buy to remap it?

I think most people just ship their ecu to eddie.

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