faster usa hubs ~update~

Today my hubs showed up and I finished poilishing the back wheel

really happy that I went with the red anodized ( thanks guys)





Edited by suzuki sm nut 123

So, for Christmas how about I send you my wheels and you polish them for me?! :busted:

You're so nice :busted:

so you are seeing the pics ? my computer is acting up today

Pics are good, what about my gift idea?:busted:

gift you say something about a gift:p

----umm for a small fee --

Those bits look too good to get dirty.....LOL..:bonk:

You polished that rim by hand??..That is dedication.....:busted: :busted:

do you plan to lace them yourself ?

Pics are good, what about my gift idea?:busted:

:busted: haha!

Me too?

Looks great! Look even better once you put em on your bike

do you plan to lace them yourself ?

yes , I have bult road racing wheels (bicycle) and montian bike wheels before plus took lots of pics and watched vidoes on you tube so I feel fairly confidant about it

do you think a spoke tension wrench would make it easier ?

never really used one myself . when I was tought how to lase a wheel the rule was move slow and use small turns on the spokes , used my hand to test for spoke tension try to keep a even feel on the spokes . does that make any sence

yeah , it makes sense .. i think the old fashioned way , tried and true is the way to go .

the wrench can only help

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