Google satellite picture of VDR


So I'm bored tonight since the results aren't posted yet (hint hint)

If you enter "Valley Dirt Riders, Johnstown, CO" in and turn on satellite view, you get a picture that was obviously taken on a race day. The parking lot is too full to be a regular practice day.

Maybe one of the summer MX race? Quite a few large motor homes, more than I see during HS.

Look how close the track is to the road on the west side. It hasn't been like that for a long time.

Still can't figure out why you would buy a house that close to a

motocross track. But then again, if you rode, you couldn't beat the


Yeah build a house and then have the balls to name the street "serenity ridge". What were they thinking.

MX race. Not a HS. The start is prepped for both the North and South tracks.

Yea has to be a north-south mx track day as the dirt is wet on both tracks (darker in pics)

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