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Bought '86 Cr125

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Thought I was getting a good deal and would be able to do a quick turn around.

Paid $200 for a "complete" bike with "everything" needed.

After getting it home and looking a lot closer stuff started to look problematic.

It began with noticing the new piston did not come with new circlips/wrist bearing then noticing it was 1 Millimeter to small. So, obviously the guy did not understand the "basics" to a rebuild and just ordered what he thought would work.

After that I see that the clutch cover had some holes along with a broken piece on it.

Finally, the biggest pain and probably the most expensive problem the cases are broken. Of course, some one has put some epoxy on them.

The gas tank appears to be very large. Like a Clarke tank or something, but there is no emblem. Anyone recognize it? Has many holes for different shrouds I'm assuming. Ideas? Also, does the seat look wrong? He said he bought the seat for the bike. The mount for the bolt that goes through the plastic is a little off.

So I'm left with having to do a whole new engine. Is there other years that is a direct bolt in? I would like to have at least a '87 + For the updated Atac valve.

All input is appreciated


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