how important can it be

I gotta get 2 exhaust valves, stock are titanium, new titanium are 125 bucks a piece, steel are 35 a piece but suposed to run a little bit stiffer springs. my question is how important is it to run stiffer springs for steel valves, the motor is going to be used on a shifter kart so the rev limmiter will never be found so im not worried about valve float, do i really need to spend another 50 bucks on a little bit stiffer springs?

Yes. Its very important you get the right springs

yes, get the stiffer springs. The springs control the valves and keep them from floating at all rpm's, without the right springs(ask anyone with a CRF, me included) valve life is seriously shortened. I put SS valves in, heavy spring, seats, retainers, everything.

Do yourself a favor, do it all at once, you'll be happier with the results.

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