03 yz 250 rbld. ?

renewing crank brgs. and was wondering how tight of fit between crank and inner brg. races is normal? left side was fairly snug and right side just fell out. reason for tear down was burning trans. oil.

It could be that the bearing was damaged (not spinning freely) and wore on the crank? Is there any wear on the crank? Mine usually come off the crank fairly easily... they usually need to be pressed out of the cases however.

brgs. were very tight in the cases. i will test fit a new brg. on the crank ends before assy. also how much clearance is okay in rod journal at the big end. mine is .017" with no visible up and down movement. thanks again

Your good to go! I dont rem the exact number I saw but your well under it.

new brgs. fit snug on crank, but the two trans. brgs. on left side feel gritty and above normal resistance even after cleaning and reoiling, so probaly should replace.

Yea I never re use any bearing once I remove them. They never seem to be as good as fresh bearings even if they are mint.

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