WR450F owners

I am upgrading from a 2000 WR400f to the 04 WR450f. I have been very happy with my WR for the last 4 years. My motivation was the E-Start button. What other upgrades to this bike are going to put a smile on my face after I do all the free mods? :)

For me...after all the free mods, everything else was asthetics. I love to buy the carbon fiber stuff. Buy the JD jetting kit. Buy frame guards. The bike rips rediculously so I dont think youll really need to buy anything else. Oh yeah definitely the gyt-r insert or pmb insert. Good luck, D :)

Thanks Ill, what I am looking for is the modifactions that Yamaha has done to the bike since Y2K. :)

Yeah, I want ill_caper's carbon fiber. GYT-R insert, JD kit... the usual sutff. Pro Tapers, frame guards are nice. You could go crazy and get a smaller battery and open up the air box some more. I find the heel of my boot pushing down on the kick stand all the time... but you've probably already experienced that with your WR. Drives me nuts.

Some things they have done for 2003 is auto decompression very nice the tank & seat are a lot slimmer which make it alot nicer to ride, hot start lever on the handle bars, about the same weight as the wr 400 even with the electric start, and I believe the 04 has a gripper seat and a kick stand that tucks in better. Just about every thing they did on the 450 is defently a plus over the 400. :)

If you guys want carbon fiber pm me and Ill send you a price list of all carbonfiber stuff for the W. This is where I bought my carbon fiber and it was cheaper than anywhere else and it seems to be pretty high quality :). -D

What about things like the titanium valves, extra 50cc, and reworked suspension? Do you think I am going to be like hum that’s cool or Holy Crap! This is sweet! I’m not sure about the gripper seat I might be looking to swap for an 03 stocker.

I would put a vote in for the James Dean needle kit, best money spent on this bike. I didnt think the Power Now was worth the money at least on my bike. Every else is looks.

If you decide you want to switch seat covers I'm game. Mine's in perfect condition (I think).

The WR450 is a sweet bike and you'll love it. Just don't plan on getting a desert tank that's considerably larger than stock; no one makes one worth a crap (IMS and Clarke have their heads in the sand.)

Ive never riiden a wr400 or 426. My previous bike was a 2001 xr650r that was all tricked out with hrc baffle, edlebrock carb and other stuff. I personally think the wr has close to as much torque and way more top end. I cant compare it to much else though. I ablsolutely love it. It rips. :)


If you want to swap for a non gripper i'll trade you.I have a wr seat that is brand new.I was waiting for a decent graphics kit to come out that included a seat cover.

The estart is priceless... Takes a lot of crap out of riding.. You'll shut your bike off at a trail head while others will keep theirs running.. It's just one less thing to do... Also, the Auto-decompression is huge, bump starting the bike is a breeze, if you ever stall it, restarting the bike from bumping is pretty sweet.. Having the filter access on the side is real nice too, takes the hassle out of getting to the filter. The power down low is really smoothend out, if you ride tight trails or any type of single track you'll enjoy the easy riding crawling traits of the new scoot. Those little things to me are the best things about the new 450's.

Dan, I race Hair Scrambles in tight Virginia woods so I am glad to hear that it will still lug down low. I run a 52 tooth rear with WR timeing currently and love not having to grab the clutch in the tight. I will let you guys know about the seat when the bike comes in, I’m just not sure I can get use to a gripper. Now I just have to wait for the bike to arrive. That is worst part about buying a new model WR. In 99 I sold my old KLR650 to buy the WR I put my deposit down the first part of September and did not receive the bike until January. I drove my sales person crazy asking about my bike.

I went from a 2000 WR400 to a WR450 in March. The best improvement I noticed is the new seat/tank. I can't believe the difference it makes going up nasty hillclimbs and turning since you can move around so much easier. The new hot start location is way more user friendly too. I would ditch the pipe first thing if you want to make it lighter. The stock one weighs 9 Lbs, a FMF power core 4 is about 4lbs. The only thing I don't like about the 450 is that the radiators seem way more flimsy than the 400's. I layed the 400 over hard quite a few times without any radiator damage, and the first time I did a sissy crash on the 450 the left radiator bowed in about 1/2" so now the shroud and guard is all tweaked. The suspension seems to bottom out easier than the 400's also. That might be my imagination though, or I'm jumping higher and don't know it. Power wise it seems to have a little more than the 400 but it doesn't feel like it breathes fire like my buddies CRF450. Probably just because of the mellow cam and heavy ass flywheel. The 450 feels deceptively fast to me. :) Enjoy!

I guess a set of Rad guards will be in order. That is one thing that sucks I have all this aftermarket gear that I put on the 400 that will not fit on the 450. I think I am going to just uncork the stock pipe at first to save some $.

I Luv this bike! The only problem is I can't get any of my regular buddies to ride with me anymore. It's lonely at the top.... :D

I am looking at going to a stiffer Spring as I weigh in over 200lb. Am still ridin stock tires but will soon go to the Michelin S-12 which is best for sand... Other riders on KTM's and other bikes can't believe how well I ride in sand with stock. Thus there is plenty room to improve speed.

I haven't put on radiator guards but plan to. The bike is just so stable that I rarely spill, and when I do go down I can choose how. :)

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