2010 yz250f cracked frame!

OK guys, the bikes been ridden hard and the frames cracked on me!

how easy are frames to repair? can they just be rewelded?

its cracked right down the side of the weld

heres some pics;




the first pic, its on the r/h side of the weld

the second pic just shows ya where it is on the bike!

nah mate cant see the crack. might be able to grind back and weld again. buy if it was mine, i would try and pick up a second hand one. would be very hard to find though

Do you still need a frame?

Think weve got a spare

how the hell did you notice something so little? in that spot as well

how the hell did you notice something so little? in that spot as well

my thought too...maybe i need to look mine over?

I would just find someone who can weld alum and have them take care of it, i've seen lots of steel frams welded so im sure aluminum could be welded too

pm relpied motomike

Only noticed it because the bike was making a cracking type noise,pulled the plastics off and checked all the welds/over the whole bike and there ya go thats what i found! my thoughts are the cracking noise is when the crack has pressure on it and moves.

Also I have two people who will potentially weld it on friday for me, One of them has said they'll weld a plate in if hes not too confident with how the reweld with withstand.


I've been a certified welder for over 20 years....and I'd not hesitate to weld it. If they're not confident on a reweld, I don't think I'd let them weld it. I'd take it elsewhere.

However, if you think it's a design thing, and beefing it up with a little more strenth is necessary, I would weld the crack, put a plate over the top of it and weld it all the way around.

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