CR250 2005 Water Pump

Hi, i am going to be replacing(or attempting to atleast)the seals on the water pump on by bike this weekend due to loss of coolant from the inspection hole on the water pump, I have had a quick look on the net and some people are saying that its a left hand thread. Can anyone confirm this? Also i have read that you remove the crankcase cover with the water pump impellor still in place and then hold the water pump shaft from the other side to remove the impellor is this also correct?

Just to let u know incase you need to know the thread on the impeller is not a left hand thread n u don't need any special tools to replace the water seal, oil seal n bearing

said it 100 times around here i dont see why your to cheap to buy a manaul. or steal a free copy off the internet if you look around. without a book you dont know how to take off the impeller( taking it off last is not the right way), most likely youll put the seals in backwards and you dont know the torque for putting the impeller and case bolts back on. good luck :lol:

Was that attack necessary? The OP had a legit question, and he/she even came back to post the answer. That's a level of maturity and knowledge we need and welcome around here. We don't need your Mr know-it-all w/ a bad attitude around here.

it was advice. not a attack. hopefully hes searching for a manual at this very moment. thats what i would be doing anyways :lol:. i didnt see you try to help him ????

the main thing is the job is done and it aint leaking :lol:, i put the new seals in the same way the old one came out so they should be right - i now have a manual and yeah you were right according to the manual taking the cover off with the impellor in place is wrong (but it worked thankfully) - sometimes even though you have a manual it is still nice to get some feedback from other people that have already done the job as they may be able to give you some advice or tips to help when carrying out the repair - but yeah you are right always look in the manual if you dont know

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