thinking of installing emulators. Need some input.

hey people, i have a 86 xr250r and im looking to upgrade front suspension. having trouble deciding. the options before me (within my budget) are;

1. new stiffer springs, cart. emulators, on my stock forks. $260.00 approx.

2. front end off a cr250 (88) $125.00

what set up do you guys think would work the best?

i ride mostly trails, rocks, lots of roots, soon some HS races. Im 250lbs at intermediate level.

thanks in advance

xrs had pretty good suspension for trail riding as stock. i would try the 88 or a suspension set up that bolts straight on. i think valving would be the first step before you consider emulators(race tanks).

i think valving would be the first step before you consider emulators(race tanks).

emulators are valves, that change damper rod forks into cartridge forks (almost), not subtanks.

that said, you can't revalve a fork which has no valves (except for changing the holes in the damper rods)

If you use the 88 you may end up revalving and respringing. And the forks are about 2" longer than the XRs so will raise the front and change steering geometry, or you will need to shorten them.

For trail riding emulators will get you about 90% of a cartridge fork, and they are adjustable.


What im hearing, emulators and stiffer springs on the stock forks are probably going to be the best bet.

1. i will not be running into any geometry issues.

2. i have 2 sets of these forks.

the 88 CR forks will probably need to be resprung and revalved too.

PLus i still need to purchase them too.

thanks people, tony

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