2007 640 Adventure watch outs?


I am close to buying a 2007 640 Adventure and was wondering if anyone had any tips on what to look for. Any known problems, wear items or anything?

Going to take it out for a test ride this weekend so will be perfect to look it over really good.



And once you have a chance to peruse the thread listed above and purchase the bike if it's in decent shape, kick your feet up and dive into this thread....more than you care to learn about the bike:


I started out with an '03 640A then found a like new low mile '07 640A and don't ever plan to sell her.

The LC4 mill is like the XR engines. They work and don't break-no wonder that engine has won more Dakar races than any other.


He's right. My 2002 640 has 15000 miles and runs great.

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