kx125 98/05

hi guys my son in law has 2 kx125's the 98 has a busted rim which has allready been welded up and has broken again and he has a rear brake problem (i dont know exactly, think it has a warped disc), He bought the 05 for the price of a new rim, $400 and it has been blown up, top and bottom end and a rock thru the engine casing...SO....

can we put the rear wheel from the 05 onto the 98 model and the brakes as well,

maybe the whole rear end, subframe swimgarm the lot?

anyone have any knowledge of this pls?

this is a project we can do together as he is new to dirtbikes, ive been riding forever but he wants to do most of the work himself

I'm pretty sure the 98 and 05 are quite different. I have a 99 and can swap some parts up to 02, but after that they changed a bit. Most out there will know more than me, but food for thought I had a bad rear on my bike too, bent and a few broken spokes. For about 100 bucks I got a rim with tire, rotor, axle, spacers and dust covers. For another 40 got the whole rear brake assembly, every last little piece. It seems to me ebay for a few parts would be easier and cheaper than trying to combine the two bikes. Good luck!

cheers man

And then you could put a 500 in the 05 frame.

It could be done, do you have a lathe to make new spacers? the axle size is larger on the 05 as well as the rear rotor. not positive but I doubt the caliper would use the same type of attachemnt either. When you say a rock through the engine cases, is that the center cases or the clutch side case? you may be better off trying to fix the 05 and finding a rim peddaling the 98. The 05 motor is much better than the 98, they actually run pretty good.


He's the one that knows more about swaps that any of us.

Fix the 05.

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