Whoa, found my Dad's old Roger Decoster A-stars!

Not sure if these are just a replica, but these are from the 70's. My dad said that he has no idea how he got these back in the days, but I was blown away when I came home and saw the name "Roger De Coster" on these! Check out these pics:




And my dad said that he's going to sell these for 50€, I said don't do that! Those are just way too cool.

Man those look pretty comfy, Clean those up and pimp them.

i've got some of those in my cellar from my mom's boyfriend. they still get used to this day. not by me though, he had a size 9 when he was 18 years old and i have a size 14 when i'm 18 years old lol.

The Goose wore a pair of those in Mad Max. The things you learn on Google...

:cool:Definately major cool factor, I agree with idaho, clean them up and add them to your collection of favorite footwear...

I wore the same "Roller De Coaster" boots back in the old days. Lent 'em to my son, never seen again.

Hey everyone if you got any real old-school gear, post some pics here, would be nice to see them! Some original JT or Yoko gear would be nice. My dad has some Yoko gear from that era too, they are radical for sure!

i found these recently in my old boxes.gloves a solid leather with foam padding.i think they were from 80's jersey must be 90's from the colors.





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