175lbs with gear motocross

I want my suspension pretty stiff I ride a ktm 125sx, what kind of springs would you guys recommend? I was think like .44, I like the springs in my dad 03 crf 450r, I think they are .44 too. Any input? Thank you! I ride motocross with hard packed dirt. thank you.

what year?

my 125 is a 98 but has a 03 motor on it.

you were asking about a125sx?

Just go to racetech.com, fill out the caluclator and it will spit out what they recommend for your weight on that bike...

Yea, the standard setup for 150 - 180lb riders is .44 front and 6.3kg rear.

Run between 110 - 120mm rider sag and roughly 40mm static sag.

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