Weather report

You guys know what I'm talkin' about. Anyone know anything about Beamish?

Also, in his absence, I've been delivering the almanac. Originally, I explained that Beamish had requested a small donation to a charity, but after about 10 or so reports delivered and no sign he was coming back to play meteorologist, I stopped that notice. I've hand delivered the forecast to 37 people that I know of. Does anyone else want to take over for a while? I don't mind, but it's approaching the busy time of year that I have a lot less time to send emails and I wouldn't want anyone to get caught in the rain.

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Hahaha I've delivered a few forecasts my self. But not for a while . I'm not sure I still have that technology on my computer.

I've got the tech, I'll send some west coast weather reports.

Guess I'll weigh in on the original thread and let them know

Sweet, thanks. Just till New Years would be cool if you want to hand it off later. Bruce, we have the technology, we can rebuild him.

I really do wonder what happened to Beamish. I'm hoping it was just an unannounced "I need a break". I really liked that guy. I hope it's nothing like this:

The paraphrased version is this rather active guy in an online community was a retired Navy chef and widower who lived his final years in a homeless shelter and spent his days in the public library interacting on various forums wasting away from cancer. The saddest part of all of this was, perhaps is, he lies in a refrigerator in a donated coffin at a funeral home until someone steps forward to claim him.

Perhaps we'll never know.

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