Oil leaking onto exhaust

What is the black box above the exhaust and below the air box that seems to leak oil onto exhaust at highway speeds? It smokes from burning off after I stop. I guess the oil is too full?

Also possibly related the engine will have a slight miss at speeds above 60 mph.

Please help. I drive on the highway alot now and it is disconcerting.


Part of the crankcase vent system. It is the oil vapor separator. Oil mist from the top of the motor is routed to the separator, vents to the air cleaner and any condensed oil is returned to the motor. If it leaks oil, one of the hoses may be damaged or loose, or the separator box may be cracked.

If the motor is over filled with oil, the oil winds up in the air cleaner boot, air box and the carb.

Thanks. The oil being over filled can cause a miss then?

can't say abut the miss

Thanks. The oil being over filled can cause a miss then?

You will need to tell more about you miss if you want an accurate diagnosis ...

how much oil did you put in ?

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