'86 KX500 Value

Rode a '92 KX500 for the first time last weekend...

All I can say to a roll-on throttle is VIOLENT. :busted:

The same guy has an '86 in decent condition (have not seen it yet) for $800.

Seems a fair price.. I will only ride it occasionally, and also share the "Half Liter Man Eater" with others who dare..

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I owned an 86, one of my favorite bikes of all time. Its odd ergo layout seemed to suit my awkward riding style :busted:

If the bike was well kept up it should be a good price. The 500's seem to hold theyre value. The engines are popular for swaps into newer generation frames as well.

That is a good price... But parts in general are becoming scarce for the 86.

Wouldn't buy anything older than a 89, many motor parts are discontinued for the 88 and older

never tried a '86 but '92 was nothing special. bought a '94 brandnew. sold it within a year. been riding cr500 and ktm ever since :busted:

and hanging out in here?? :busted:

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