2003 yz250f

A friend of mine is buying a 2003 YZ250F from another friend of mine and i know the bike was very well taken care of, but i was wondering if there are any common issues that i should let him know about to look out for in the future?

As far as the motor goes....prevention is better than cure. If there is a load of hours on then change what needs to be before a failure.

Suspension linkage.....Take it apart, clean and grease it up.

Congrats on choosing "blue"

Sounds pretty basic. Good to know there aren't any major issues with these. the previous owner is a master mechanic and i know for a fact the the motor is inspected and valves adjusted regularly and oil is always changed on time. So i'm sure this will be a great bike.

thanks for the reply.

Keep the oil and air clean, and it will live long. If it has high hours, you might ask when he last changed the piston and cam chain. If it was over 50 hours, they are due now.

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