Can I fit heated grips on my XCF350?

Now the winter is kicking in here in the UK I'm looking to fit heated grips.

I read that it was a misprint stating the stator was a 168 on the XCF350 ? So I wondered if can I fit heated grips to my 350 ?

You should be able to add heated grips without too much trouble. I would suggest finding a regulated AC wire, such as the wire that would ordinarily go to the headlight, for power to the heated grips.

Took me about an hour to do complete install from removing grips to putting grips back on. Spliced into custom power wire I ran for my race lights. Since it is always hot, just need to remember to turn grip heaters off when done.

Only draw back is I can't run race lights and heaters together since it draws too many watts. Once I get a solstice HID, then that won't be a problem but current light draws 90W and grip heaters about 30W pushing it for my stator.


I done a bit of homework & the heated grips I want draw 38w on full, Im also wiring up the front & rear lights ( genuine EXC lights ) Can I run these 2 together ?

Do not run the heated grips off of DC, as I guarantee that at some point you will forget to turn them off and as a consequence ruin the battery. That's the main reason I run my heated grips off of AC plus the fact that it works well and has little or no effect on battery discharge rate.

Grip heaters are hardly worth putting on aluminum bars. I put steel bars back on my snowmobile for that reason


Grip heaters are hardly worth putting on aluminum bars.

That's why it is necessary to insulate the clutch side aluminum bar with 1" heat shrink tubing.

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