Kouba lower link for KTM xc 250 2012


I would like to lower my bike with the kouba lower link 3/4 inche (KTM11-1) and with the lower ktm seat. I would like to know if someone put this kouba lower link on his bike? Is the rear wheel will hit the rear fender with the lower link?

This is the link:


Best regards, :busted:

most bikes allow the tyre to hit the fender std.

The Kouba link will allow the wheel to ravel up into the fender and rub on it hard. I ould not recomend it if you are an aggressive rider. It changes the point of the mechanical bottom out.

Thank you,

I'm an aggressive rider, so It will be better to lower the travel about an inche into the suspension and I will buy the ktm lower seat.

we have a rider who has one on his bike. looks like a dragster did a burnout under his rear fender.

Yes, It is best to lower both ends of the bike internaly, It is fully reversible if you ever want to put it back to stock height.:busted:

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