Middle Strut on Subframe (1999 kx250)

My subframe got bent in a crash so i bent it back by leaning it against a tree and kicking it. I was able to get it perfectly straight again, however i put some cracks in the welds of the middle strut (pictured below). more recently, i had to bend it back again, and the middle strut totally gave out and came off. can i ride without the middle strut or is it dangerous or what? what is the purpose of the middle strut?


It's not crucial, but you might want to bring it somewhere to get rewelded, or buy a replacement from Ebay.

I crashed and bent my subframe pretty bad. When I tried to pull it off the bike, the welds broke at both of the cross bars. They didn't look bad when it was on the bike, but they snapped easily. The 2 sides of the subframe were just wobbling.

I would take it off and get it welded. Like I said, if they both break, the rear of the bike will have no stability side to side.

Call around to see what someone would charge to weld it back. Compare that to what a decent used one would cost off eBay.

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