xr650l lighting

hey guys, I recently purchased a 2007 650l and I am new to this forum. I love the bike and it rides great. While the stock headlight isn't bad (the xr head light is about twice as bright as the one on my 89 xt350) I would still like some more light. For riding in town the stock light is fine, I only need more when I'm on a trail or back road, usually with no other vehicles around.

I did some research on HID lights and from what I read it seems that if the reflector is not mated to the bulb, it will not work properly and you will just end up blinding other drivers road.

I was thinking about some auxiliary lighting that I could turn on only when I need it....idk

Do you guys have an ideas?

I posted an idea. Do a search "check out this lighting idea". PM me if you have any questions.

thanks for the idea!

So do any of you run HID headlights? If so how are they?

I'm using Ricky Stator's twin PIAA set. They are not HID but are plenty bright. I have them wired so that the wide beam light is on at all times and the spot beam comes on with the high beam switch.


Check these out.




HID's bulb kits will work in the stock housing, but like all the cars you see with them they increase glare to oncoming drivers on the road. The light is amazing though. It all depends on how much street you ride I guess.

Another simple thing is to get a higher wattage bulb. Not nearly as good as the HID, but not the bad glare issue either. The 85/80 watt on this page is the one I like best. The 70/65 is even a lot brighter that the stocker. There are a ton of other options on that site, just don't go for the 130/100 as it's just too much heat. That 85/80 is really better than the other 90 or 100 watt version on that site. It's not cheap though.

thanks guys im gonna check all those out

so the 85/80 won't tax the electrical too much?

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