how much

What is good price for 2008 drz400s at dealer with 5500 miles

For what it's worth KBB says $4000 retail in excellent shape. I'd work for less than that but at a dealer they may not negotiate much.

Id expect the dealer to ask $4000 or more. Id only pay 2500-3000 if it had racks, new tires, service history , and barkbusters, perfect plastics, chain, etc

For 4k you can get an SM with half those miles. Even in Cali, I got mine for 3200 with 4k miles. Just a reference point.

What is good price for 2008 drz400s at dealer with 5500 miles

So are you wanting to trade you bike or looking to purchase from the dealer?

I saw it at dealer in san berdo looks very clean they want 5200 out the door I thought was high! I gota get something to ride before I die.

If you're sure you're not going to die in the next week or two I would definately look around. $5200 is not a good price.

Up here in North Jersey it seems a little high, especially that were coming into winter and people don't want to keep it for the winter and pay for insurance. Up here it's deal time for bikes and boats. :busted:

just my 2 cents. in oklahoma I bought my 2007 drz SM with 1800 miles and a MRD already on it for 3200

What is good price for 2008 drz400s at dealer with 5500 miles

avoid dealers and look for a low mile one with quality mods already done

I paid $2,600 for a 2005 SM with 15,xxx miles on it...ended up needing a rebuild though...

4 grand seems a bit much to me i bought my 09 sm with less than a mile on it in march for 5600 out the door from a dealer. if u were willing to pay a little bit more u may be able to find a new one the sticker on mine b4 tax tag and title i believe was $4995. this way u have the peice of mind to know everything that has and has not been done to the bike and how it was ridden.

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