Petcock Gasket on IMS Tank

Well I just received my new 3.2 IMS tank and Raptor fuel petcock.

After reading many old threads I see there is a possibility of leaking fuel where the petcock bolts to tank.

The Raptor petcock has a small gasket built into it.

The IMS tank came with a larger gasket.

Is it best to use both gaskets?

What have any of you used to prvent leaks?

Thanks in advance,


One gasket should be sufficient...

So just the smaller one that is somewhat built in to the the petcock?

Without a picture it is hard to say. What is common is a petcock has a "O" ring style seal to seat against a surface on the original gas tank. What is also common is aftermarket plastic gas tanks don't have a good surface for the original petcock to seat against. So the gas tank comes with a big rubber gasket. Normally it is necessary to use the gasket that comes with the gas tank.

Thanks for the reply's so far.

My main question is this:

For those of you who have used the 3.2 IMS with success (no leaking at petcock) what method did you use?

1. small gasket that comes on petcock only

2. large gasket that comes with tank over small gasket

3. the use of a gasket sealer or "seal all" type product with gaskets

Thanks again in advance



i'm using ims 2.6 gallon tank & E model petcock on both of my drz's.

i just used the oem petcock gasket(o-ring type) on both with no problems.

only thing i had to do was ream the holes in the tank so the petcock cleared.

should be real easy to test. you can install the petcock with tank off of bike & inspect for leaks.

Sounds good. I think the threads I was reading with these tanks and leaking gaskets were older. Maybe the products have improved. Anyway, Thanks Roundeye.

Not every tank is the same. You have to evaluate for yourself what will work. Also watch for plastic shards in the tank. It may need a good cleaning before use.

Thanks again Noble.

I had a problem with the bronze threads where the petcock screw go in. The threads stuck out a bit and made the surface not level. I used a belt sander to make the mating surface flat. It was a little scary to but was easy and worked great.

I have 3.2 gal IMS on an SM and a E....I used the stock E petcock for both ..Perfect fitment...:busted:

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