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New Bikeeeeeeeeeee

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Finally got me a CRF. Got engaged last month on the 20th on our one year anniversary. Pick this up monday. I am stoked! He said he'd a liked to get me one for our one-year but couldnt find anything in time. He even rode it, and he is sooo anti-dirtbike. But he likes it :bonk: Maybe another one come spring?!?! :bonk:


Brand spankin' new yet :lol:


After the first cold, wet, slippery ride. :busted: No spills yet! And lots of fun!!! Them bars gotta go though, a little taller and more foward pleaseeee ;) At least thats the one mod that won't void the warranty! :busted:

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Haha, and that there in the first pic is my 1997 Dodge Ram 1500, better known as "Super Dodge". It doesnt look like it but those are 31" Ridge Runner tires and dual exhausts poking out the back :busted:

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Thats a great bike, i just sold my 2009 crf230f and it was GREAT!

rejet both pilot and main, remove the exhaust baffle and the air box snorkel, uni air filter, and you are set!

i had on protaper bars on mine, the fat ones, were much better then stock.

that bike will climb anything, its a tank, but you gotta get outta first gear right away.


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Congratulations. I had a 150 a few years ago. I used it for trail maintenance, exploring and trail breaking. There is about no place you can't go in tight rough stuff (just a little short on ground clearance). I sort of miss the little bike.

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I already know what I want to do, but.... I also don't want to void the warranty. So I'm stuck. I've already got a wishlist going. :busted: I saw on here a USD fork conversion with forks from a KX250. I've still got my old KX with a blown bottom end with those pretty blue forks.


120 or 125 main jet (take out muffler and air box baffle)

48 or 48 pilot jet

'03-'05 Fuel screw and needle (5 position clip vs 2 on the newer ones)

Tall bars

Handgaurds (already got em)

Headlight/numberplate combo and a tailight/plate holder for my NYS offroad plate

KX front end and forks, pretty blue :busted: (or at least blue fork boots with fatter ridges)

Retro '86 David bailey honda shroud graphics, with blue seat cover and backgrounds (I've already got a generic honda sticker sheet to to dress up the fenders if the CRF250/450R or CR125 kit doesnt fit)

IMS pegs (also on the KX)

Red sprocket and gold chain when the time comes

New front tire to replace the junk stocker (when I wear it out of course)

Maybe a rear disc if I find a mostly bolt-on way to do it

Hheblo rear shock revalve or a Works rear shock

I figured I'd have to get the CRF150F linkage and flip it to get a higher seat hieght and maybe a Guts Racing tall seat, but the only thing a little cramped on this is the peg to bar ratio. My toes scrape the ground in boots on this, so it most only be an inch or so shorter then my 93 KX125.

I'm going to check on graphics fitaments soon, as one couple I ride with has a CRF250X for him and CRF150F for herefully I can see if I can do some cut-to-fit... If Not I'm going to get a big white die-cut honda wing decal and make my own shroud graphics. The 07 style stock graphics would lend themselves nicely to this project if the honda wing wasnt black..

I'll be going for a combination of these pretty much... \/


Not these shroud graphics though...


Definitly the fork boots, maybe not so much on the gold rims


Nay on the fork guard graphics, but yes on the yellow numbers


The actual One industries graphic kit, minus plastic only

And I LOVE these shroud graphics, wonder if they come in white??


Haha, hey, a girls gotta dream :bonk: The graphics are a doable thing, and the ergo's and suspension will most definitly need attention anyway. I love this thing!!!

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