Anyone Want to Ride at Tower City PA this weekend?

Aww man...I'll check with my dad, but I doubt we would. We have gone to Rousch many times, but we're planning on going to a track in Montrose Saturday. (

We were members TCTRI...but the land just kept getting more and more closed. (Catch 22...) - and that coal dirt was just wicked on the bikes (and tires!)

Where all do you ride out there?? There was a section across the coal hill that we always made laps on, up a bank, made a jump out of it and just practiced jumping. Never found may good trails.

Im hitting Hazelton all weekend. It has a much larger riding area now that TC is shut down right down the center. Try following that map and getting to the other side without going through the middle or down the road :) . We can ride the Paragon area in Hazelton now too with out getting shot at too. They singed an agreement. Plus the camp ground is right in the middle and they built a 7 11 right at the edge of the trail :D . Good move!

Hey, is anyone interested in riding at Tower City PA this weekend? I'm a member, but my usual riding buddies probably aren't able to ride and I need to get out. Saturday or Sunday, Sat. is better for me.



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