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Headlight shell plastic

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my light shell plastic is all gone to hell on my 83 XR200 and i wanna get a good so i have 2 questions.

1. will the 84 and up XR light shell (the one the the number plate over the light) fit on a 83" ? i like the over the light plate a bit better

and 2. anybody have any laying around that their willing to sell?:busted:

and now that im here i might as well ask about clutch disks. mine is starting to go. how much of a pain are they to change and where can i get good ones at a good price

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Clutch discs are easy to change; pull the right side cover, undo the clutch springs, pull th ediscs out and replace. To be safe buy a side cover gasket.

83 XRs are 6 volt but can be converted to 12 volt by using a Trailtech, or other, 12 volt AC regulator, about $13.

Headlight shells,

Honda has used several over the years on XRs, I personally prefer the headlight above the number plate. Anyway the fork tubes are all close enough in size that any of the XR shells will fit.

Shells (called case in Honda speak)

Case (color NH138 Shasta White) #61301-KF0-000ZB used on 86-91 XR200

( Band #61309-KK0-000)

Case (color NH138 Shasta White) #61301-KT1-670ZB $62 used on 86-91 XR250

Case (color R119 ) #613A0-KF0-000ZA ) $63 used on 84-85 XR200/250, 83-85 XR350, 83-86 XR500/600

Band #61309_KF0-000 $17.42) used on 86-04 XR250, 83-85 XR350, 96-02 XR400, all XR500/600/650s

Case (color NH138 Shasta White) #87125-MY6-770ZA, 95-96 XR250L/650L

Case (color R134 FIGHTING RED) #87125-MY6-A20ZA 02-07 XR650L

Case (color NH138 Shasta White) #87125-KV6-670ZA 91-93 XR25L, 93 XR650L

Others (the following is not current or complete, there are other options out there)

XRsOnly has a headlite/taillite kit for $86 #FO03616041 Includes 10W running light and 35W/35W low beam and high beam.

Baja Designs headlight uses the H4 (9003) socket

TrailTech and others have HID lights that draw about ¼ the power of a halogen bulb for the same light.

Lens Units

Headlight plastic lens (uses a H6M bulb) #33123-KN5-671 $25 used on 86-87 XR200/250, 85 XR350

Honda plastic lens use a H6M bulb; 6v 25x/25w or 12v 35w/35w (also used by Maier)

Honda glass lens: #33123-MK2-671, uses H3 bulb, used on 84+ XR250/350/400/500/600Rs

Honda glass lens: #33120-KV6-672, uses H4 bulb 60/55w 33100-KV6-672 used on XR250L/650L


H6M Bulbs Type D base (aka H6M) is used in Honda plastic lens. used on XRs and CRF250X/450X.

Honda 6volt 35/35watt #34901-383-611 (H6M bulb) used on 84-85 XR200/250, 83-85 XR350, (will also work on 81-83 XR200R)

Honda 12V 35w #34901-MN1-671 used on 88+ XR200/250, XR400/600/650

There is also a 12volt 35/36w bulb #34901-GJ1-003 used on the ATC350X & CRF250X/450X will fit the plastic lens units for hi/lo beam.

H3 Bulbs Used in XR glass lens

Honda 12v 55w Halogen #34908-SA0-811 $1736 used in glass lens, used on 84-85 XR200R, 84-04 XR250R, 83-85 XR350R, 96-04 XR400R, 83-84 XR500R, 85-00 XR600R

H4 Bulbs Used in street glass lens

H4 bulb is Hi/Lo, (100W H4 bulbs can be purchased over the internet)

H4 bulb is physically the same as HB2 & 9003 bulbs

Honda #34901-MC7-601AH, 12v 60/55watt, used on street bikes from 81-02

Honda #34901-MC7-602, 12v 60/55watt, used on street bikes from 02 and on

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