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New xr70 owner , need some help !

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Just scored a 2001 xr70 tuesday night , this things so damn fun !!!

So far I've removed the spark arrestor and opened up the airbox , and it has a bog off the bottom end if I open the throttle too fast (bogged before I did the mods , these bikes are just lean from the factory as far as I know)

I've read that I need to adjust the clip . Do I adjust the clip up or down to richen it ? And a better question , WHERE IS the clip ??? I have no clue as I've never jetted any of my bikes before , my dads always done it .

Next subject - the suspension is way too soft and bottoms out on everything . Would some BBR forks springs and shock spring be the right investment ? Thats gonna be about $180 so I want to make sure its a good idea . I'm about 135 lbs and like a stiff ride so Im thinking those will do the trick .

These 70 engines are bulletproof and I shouldnt be afraid to RIDE it , correct ?

Thanks for any help guys

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Raise the needle to richen the mixture. Go to any of the OEM parts web sites like Powersportplus.com and look at the carburetor exploded views to see where the clip and needle are. You'll have to compress the spring to give the cable some slack so you can get it out of the slide.

I used one BBR fork spring and one stock fork spring in my XR70 because my kids ride the bike. It's plenty stiff for 70-100 lb kids. Someone on here put in both BBR springs and said it was stiff enough for an adult, and I think he was a sizeable dude. You may have to experiment to see what works for you. Maybe one BBR spring and a stock spring with a spacer if the BBR/stock combo is still too soft. You may have to cut the stock spring to stiffen it up so that it's stiffer than stock but not as stiff as the BBR. Whatever you do, make sure you don't end up compressing the spring at full travel to reach the spring solid height.

For the rear suspension, I used a Works Performance. When you order the shock, you give them your weight, etc. and they build the shock to suit you. I'm not sure if BBR does the same. From what I recall, they size their shock for adults so do some research before you spend your money.

The engine and transmission are indeed nearly bulletproof. But that doesn't relieve you or your obligation to maintain the bike properly. One of the reasons the motor and tranny are bulletproof is because it doesn't make enough power to hurt itself in stock form.

The frame, however, is not so robust. It's cheap mild steel and if you take it repeatedly off large jumps, something will give - either the frame or swingarm. At 135 lbs., you are probably bigger than the bike was designed for. You can't thrash these things without consequence at your size. Make sure the steering head bearings and swingarm bolt are tight. Also, the swingarm has a tendency to crack where the shock is attached to it. I had to weld gussets on mine due to cracking that occurred before I bought it.

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Thank you for your advice I appreciate it ! You answered all my questions .

I ride my bikes hard but I also keep them prestinely maintained . I'm already hitting the rev limiter but its got a clean air filter and fresh Rotella 15-40w , so I'm just double checking to make sure the ol' xr70 can handle it :busted:

Im not doing any crazy jumps on it because I've read that the frame and swingarm are on the weaker side . After I get my suspension sorted out I may look at getting an aftermarket swingarm , but I'll just have to see when the time comes .

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