Accelerator Pump

While I was trying to dial in my wr450, a suggestion was made to turn my accelerator pump screw in one turn. I did this and there was no difference, so I put it back. My question is how do I know that it is in the right position and that no one has mucked with it. Where should it be or how do I get it back to stock?


Consult your manual, I think it is under 'carb tuning.' It's an easy adjustment.

If I remember... turn the screw in a turn or two, until you get some free play in the assembly holding the scew(you have to push it with your finger to feel the free play, it's spring loaded), then back the screw out slowly, until there is no more free play. But check your manual to be sure. If you don't have one, I can look at mine when I get a chance and get back to you.

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