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low fender for s-m set up

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my apologies to those who have seen this on other forums. :busted:

i finally got rid of the upper fender "wing" on my 'tarded dr650 w/usd rm forks. besides catching air, the original fender did little to keep mud/water off me and the bike. i have not yet taken a test ride, but i have no reason to believe it will be nothing but an improvement, besides looking better. the fender was from an '08-'09 yamaha yzf r6; cost me $57 shipped from here:


i had to do a little filing at the edges where the fender is adjacent to the forks, to eliminate any possibility of rubbing. i filed about a 3/4" radius about 1/4" deep into the fenders at each side, the hole was about 2" long, from the top of the fender, down the sides. at that point, the sides are no longer touching the forks. i had to be patient, measuring and marking locations, making sure i had the right location to mount the fender to the fork guards, so everything was aligned/no rubbing/etc., before drilling the holes. fender is secured to the fork guards w/simple relatively decent-sized zip-ties. not a perfect color match, bit it's close enough for me, and i did no painting. and the hole on the left side of the fender was perfect for routing of the vapor trail-tech speedo cable...

pic showing where holes were cut, and what part of the fender i used to mark w/fine-line magic marker onto the fork guards a line and a point (both sides), so i could drill the holes, once the fork guards were pulled off the bike:








i am wery happy w/how it turned out. :busted:

doug s.

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