Any one found a lower toothed front sprocket?

I'm curious, is there such a thing as a 12T front sprocket for the XR650R? Not that I need that much low end. Just wondering. I thought It'd be fun to try some time if there was one. You'd probably not need the 1st or 2nd gear any more though. Hmm just thinking out loud.



You might be able to find one, but going that small on the front might put too much stress on the chain. I don't know for sure about this, but you may want to check into it a bit more before trying it. I've never heard of a 13T front causing problems (I liked my 13T front), but I'd prefer to go to a larger rear if I needed lower gearing beyond the 13T front.

My understanding is that anything lower than 13T will start eating up chains (very expensive).

Ouch, thats a good reason not to try it, Cost. Thanks for the input.

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