frame question

im lookin into buying a new frame for my 04 wr 450.. i was wondering if the 06 aluminum frame will work for it? i would really like to get the aluminum frame thanks for any help

easier and probably cheaper to buy a 07 WR and ditch your 04

The 06 WR still had a steel frame

the engine mounts on the 06 YZ and 07 WR are the same I have one of each sitting in my garage. The only difference is that the WR has mounts for the regulator on the side. And a WR vin :banghead: and the subframe mount on the left side of the bike is different other than that they are the same.... I too my 07 WR frame and welded a tab for my YZ subframe and hooked it right up. the tank seat and radiators all slide right on. the shock mount and linkage hookup's are the same too.... The main question is how many modifications will need to be made to make your 04 engine mount in. You'll have to fab engine mounts if you feel like your capable of doing that. Then yes it will work. :) I'm sure the engine will fit then you'll have to choose your set up after that Good luck.

pssss (I do know that an old 465 2t will fit in the newer chassis :lol:) sshhh don't tell any one.

i have a plated 05 frame used as a sumo/offroad but not beaten, i rebuilt it and it garnaded so i have lots of parts

WV PLATED clean title not rebuilt or salvage, at the dmv its listed as a dual sport

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